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Just purchased the cookbook. Please tell me how I can obtain the physical copy as well. Hello — Sorry to be one of many asking for a printed version of this ebook but I too would love a print out copy! Please let me know hot to proceed. Been a long time fan and plan on purchasing any books Katie comes out with. Page 71 under casseroles is an amazing looking photo. Can you tell me the name of the dish and where to find it?

Creamy Chocolate Breakfast Recipes

Sorry for the confusion! Oh, I wish this was a real book instead of an downloaded version. It is difficult to have fond memories of an ebook- no smutz on the pages from making that memorable birthday breakfast, etc. I really wish it too. I bought 2!

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One for me and one to share! Thank you for sharing your gift!

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  8. Hello Katie, I just downloaded your new cookbook! I am so excited to add it to your other one in my collection. It helps cut down on the physical clutter of my small place, and I find ebooks just as usable as hard copies. Thanks for the ebook version! This book will only be available in the one format. At least it means you can get it immediately!

    Enjoy islandwide delivery services in Singapore!

    Silver lining. We really wish there were a hard copy, but unfortunately publishers right now are only interested in having Katie do dessert books even though she knows her audience would prefer a book that encompasses more than just dessert. Love your recipes. Literally just yesterday I tried out your pumpkin breakfast pudding for breakfast, naturally, LOL , and it was tasty and very filling.

    And I am a HUGE fan of the chocolate donuts from your first cookbook and any family members who have visited me have loved them too. And during the summer I fell in love with your one-minute cinnamon coffee cake microwave mug recipe it became a bit of an addictive snack. So I adore the idea of even more breakfast recipes!

    Congratulations on the publication of this new book. That way even as this blog entry gets older and moves down the page while new blog posts take center stage at the top, your books will always be easily findable via the main nav menu, in case people want to buy a copy or buy another copy! Just my unasked-for 2 cents! I think this is a great idea. It looks like Katie has the book on her sidebar now, so it sounds like she has been listening too! This one is only in ebook format, which means you can get it instantly and without paying shipping :.

    But sadly it will not be in Costco like the last one was. I got a copy but really also would love to have a printable version. Thanks for your good work! Julie, Does Katie use soy in her recipes?

    Chocolate Cake For Breakfast

    They look delicious. Does she have a substitute for oats? Have an intolerance to them. Thanks so much, Mary. Some do use oats — You can try substituting rolled quinoa flakes or kamut flakes or even spelt or rye flakes check out Eden brand. Let us know if you experiment! The recipes look yummy! The recipes look wonderful.

    Breakfast is my favorite meal, so this book is perfect! I just bought the e-book version of Hello Breakfast. Can you please email me a version that I can print out? Hey, I love your recipes here! I have your first cookbook too, and I am on the same page as the many others who wish it was available in print. When you say that you can send a copy to us, what would that look like? Just printed out pages or would it be bound, or something else? Good Luck Sweetie! Did anyone else have the page freeze and time out as they were completing their purchase?

    If, for whatever reason, it shows up twice later, just email me! I love your blog and your first book and hope to try some recipes from this book in the future! I was wondering, are the chocolate Squarbar protein bars a copycat version of the official Squarebar?


    I love them and would love a diy version! I also made my purchase, but could I pretty please get it emailed to me as well. The recipes look amazing. I purchased the cookbook yesterday.


    Rocco DiSpirito's Recipe for a High-Protein Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie | SELF

    Would you please send instructions for getting a printout copy? Hi Katie, I for one think you made the right decision. I make your dessert recipes occasionally, but I eat your breakfasts everyday! Katie, quick question — is there any time limit for how long the book will be available? I was thinking of saving this for a Christmas wish list idea for family members who will want to do something but are not well-off at present. No plans to stop selling it, at least for the next six months or so. I am not a morning person but looking at the titles of these recipes just might change that!

    Count me in-please also include me in the print version as well.

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    Your recipes are fantastic! They are well worth what I will pay, even including a high-quality binder to exclusively keep them in. Thank you so much for such kindness. Katie is really, really hopeful that her next book will be available in hard copy. Low fat?

    The Pony Café (Vol. 1): Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

    Anything with those words tacked on is NOT good for you. Also vegans worry about getting enough calcium. Because all the vegan protein sources like beans and grains or nuts are coated with antinutrients. In the wild, animals can run away really fast or spray you to scare you away from eating them, and plants have their own defense mechanism. So the seeds are coated with something called phytic acid so if you swallow them whole, they will leave your body whole too, so they can get planted in the ground.

    So eating meat or eggs with veggies for breakfast not only provides you with WAY more protein than any vegan meal could, it also gives you more fat than carbs.